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I found this on The BMAA website as redirect to government website. Does this imply microlight flying is permissible in Tier four? What is the definition of a short distance?
Restrictions on GA activities
Private pilots can only take part in sport or leisure activities where they take place in the open air – this can be alone, with their household, support bubble, or, when alone, with one person from another household. This should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel a short distance within your Tier 4 area to do so if necessary, for example, to access an open space. Social distancing measures should be in place and observed at all times.
You need to read all of it and the Rules for Tier 4 areas that is a further link to follow.
Basically, flying itself is not banned, but simply going for a leisure flight is not an adequate reason to leave home - so you can't do it.
The guidance allows things like engine health flights where the engine manufacturers guidance calls for them. If you fly an aircraft with a Lycoming you can do this (max of 30 mins per month), but Geoff at the BMAA has pointed out that no engines used in microlights have a stipulation by their manufacturer that calls for them - so we can't even do that!
Microlights are grounded in Tier 4.

(Edit to add - it is a poorly worded notice so I sympathize. I'm in Tier 4 too btw)
Welcome to Tier 4 guys - at least most of you're not in Essex [news link]
Most of the Estuary half of the county are running at over a thousand cases per 100k population; and to think we used to think over 100 cases per 100k was bad.

Roll on the jabs!
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