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Cross Country Pilot
Thanks Peter for method of getting back on which I just used as a last resort having been trying to log in using old details since this edition of the Forum hit the screens.
Thank you Vince, I do hope you are well.
No need to feel singled out - I think everyone has had to re-register. Vince said to do that in one of his first posts, and I definitely did.
Most important thing is that the forum is back.


First Solo Pilot
Ah ha! Young Twissell. How are you? What stage is your engine rebuild/redesign at? I know there was lots of complicated paperwork to navigate

Peter Twissell

Cross Country Pilot
Hi Halibut,
I have now separated the rebuild from the re-design. I am rebuilding the original engine as 'standard'.
I have another engine, an early small head Jabiru, which will form the basis of a radical re-design.