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Keep letting people know it's back up and running

As Facebook is a rolling newsfeed maybe someone should regularly post on it that this site is up and running again, also a bit of a shout in the bmaa mag would help..


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Talking of Forums, is the BMAA Forum up the creek again? I havnt been able to get in for months it no longer accepts my Login details


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With the BMAA forum I think that it is very probably dead, they made very little use of it when it was running now it would appear that they are letting it die.
On a more possitive note though I see this forum is mentioned on the MF e news.


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I do wish that if the BMAA forum is to die forever, that they had given us some notice. Another wish is that they put it up again in 'Read Only' mode. There is a lot of high value information in the Aircraft type and Engine type sections that I would like to see again (and copy/save!). Joan did warn us about using it the last time it came back up............


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Thanks for doing that Madam. Before this forum went off-line I wrote an e-mail to BMAA for attention of forum manager and I still haven't had even a hint of acknowlegement. Perhaps you will have more success going directly to the top!
From the top...
"Hi Joan,
I would welcome your input! VBulletin needs upgrading (frequently). The current host asks quite a lot of money for performing upgrades which makes the forum expensive.
It’s costing us a lot of money - £1000 in the first year to upgrade and transfer the software, then probably £500/year ongoing, a mix of hosting and expected upgrade costs to the software.
When you link these costs to the very, very low usage rate among BMAA members, you have to question if it is a good use of members’ money.
We are looking to either reduce the costs or else move to a resource-only alternative, i.e. able to view past messages but not add new ones. I haven’t got a solution yet…?
If you have any ideas regarding lowering costs (in particular someone who would be able to host and perform updates for less) then I would be most grateful.
Yes, feel free to cross-post this answer.

My reply to this did include the comment that even read only would be welcomed by some. Though come to think of it, the old original Microlights Yahoo email group is no longer accessible. So maybe we're just going to have to accept that this is the generation who come to terms with not everything on the internet being immortal.
Though some can be long lived!


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There is an announcement at the top of the Facebook group, so I don’t see why we should keep posting on there.

One thing that I do plan to do, is post the microlight forum monthly photo competition pictures at the end of the month with a link to the vote.