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Hi I'm a bit new.


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I joined the old forum but didn't post much.
I'm building a mk2 kitfox with a KFM112M engine.

Mike Calvert

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Welcome (back) to the new forum :)

So, where are the pics of the build, we need things to entertain us on these cold dark nights..... ;)


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Right, yes I'll get some pics up.
As far as engine spares are concerned, the alternator is the same as a Ducati 900SS.
The ignition system is Leberg which is still available.
The oil filter is off a beemer.
I just had new gudgeon pins made to original factory drawings.
I had new rocker shafts made using an original as a pattern.
It has new piston rings, being a 90mm bore they are quite easy to find.
Piston circlips are the same as a VW or Porsche (22mm pin)
I blagged a full set of engine manuals from the kind people at Jabiru and my mate wo lives 10 mins from them in Bundaberg picked them up and posted them to me.
Hydraulic cam followers are the same as a Ford V8.
So its not too bad.
Possible sticking points are crank bearings and cylinders (nikasil bores)
I have given the bores a tickle with an aluminium oxide flex hone just to glaze bust and allow the new rings to bed in.
It should be a pleasant engine.
I'm also in touch with the engines previous owner who used to fly behind it in G-KITY, he absolutely loved it and said it sounded fantastic.
The fuselage needs a bit of welding to the tail and right front lift strut.
I have quite a lot to do.



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That sounds as if you have done some impressive research on the engine, well done, you have a very decent project on the go.
We used to have a Kitfox, with a 582, on the airfield, I was impressed by the wing fold it looked so easy and efective.