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flycom mic px volume


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I have the two flycom helmets and the mk2bb intercom that replaces the battery on the a3e. To hear my passenger well I have to turn up my headset volume which also turns up the background noise. Is anyone familiar enough with this system to suggest a hack that will allow me to turn up the volume coming from the passenger mic?
Microavionics do a flycom adaptor which has volume control (mm016a) that I could try if I go back to the old intercom but I don't know if it turns the volume up or just down! If you know what I mean?? Here's a link to the adaptor:
I've Emailed flycom and they tell me that the volume cannot be turned up..
Might be a silly question, but does the pax have the same problem hearing you? Is their mic right in front of their lips and almost touching them?

Do you have an air-dam fitted to the bottom of the visor - Not sure if this is possible on the Flycom or whether they have Bob Heath Jet visors on them.

I'm guessing the microphones are dynamic so it may be possible to fit noise-cancelling types if they aren't already?

Update - Just read on the Flycom website the mic's are noise-cancelling electret inserts, so no improvement to make there!

Did Flycom offer any help or advice at all? There are a couple of downloadable documents on their website under Technical Information - Helmets that might help if you haven't already seen them.

No I don't work for Flycom - just trying to be of help :)
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....To hear my passenger well I have to turn up my headset volume which also turns up the background noise. ....
If you can't turn up the passenger get the passenger to do the turning up...

When we speak the upper lip doesn't move anywhere near as much as the lower lip. I think the best place to put a noise cancelling (two-port) electret mic unit is with its edge resting on the upper lip. That means the mic is "looking" down and slightly toward the speaker's mouth. That will give a strong audio signal, good noise cancellation and reduce "breath popping" through the intercom.

Some of the mics I've dealt with are positively designed to be spoken directly into and touching both lips but these are military types and quite expensive.
Flycom answered my query saying that they couldn't do anything for me. The PX never have a problem hearing me and the helmet has a Bob heath visor with the neoprene wind blocker on the bottom, standard flycom issue!
Has anyone tried the microavionics solution I suggested above? might end up giving them a call
How old is the equipment? Electret microphones degrade over time and put out less volume. This is caused by water absorption - having the mike permanently in front of your mouth inside a helmet is really bad because you breathe on it.
I don't think there's a cure except to replace the mike insert.
Maybe try swapping the helmets if you can to see if the problem transfers? Also, try swapping which socket you plug the helmet in to the radio adapter in an attempt to isolate the fault.

As Martin says, it's possible the mic insert has degraded so maybe needs to be replaced. Hopefully Flycom could do that for you. I don't think much of their after-sales support if they say they can't help you any further.

The Microavionics option could prove a costly one and if you've got a faulty mic insert anyway, it won't really cure the problem.
Maybe Flycom need to know you're thinking of going to the competition as you're not happy with their response - What have you got to lose!