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East Fortune Runway 11

Mike Calvert

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Lets start the photos :) Runway 11 at East Fortune is one that I've been dreading - but now I've done it a fair few times it doesn't seem so bad! Thanks to overflying restrictions nearby, it's a right hand circuit, and the descent from circuit height (500ft QFE) to landing has to be done on the turn, no straight approach at all. Interestingly talking to another pilot at the airfield, all their initial landings were on 11, so when they finally got to land on 29 with it's more normal straight approach, they were a bit freaked out with all that time to think :ROFLMAO:

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Nice one mate. I will start a new thread at the start of the month. It really was great back in the day.

The photo must have been taken in the month of the competition.

We then have a vote at the end, with everyone getting just one vote, and you can’t vote for your own.


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I remember landing there in 2016 during my FlyUK tour. I was in the Raven Pegasus hybrid trike and was pretty tired after battling rain and horrendous rotor and sink as I came up the coast from the South. The wind was up from the South West, so it was rotoring quite badly as it came off the hills to the South of East Fortune.

I had to land on the short runway, which I think is 29, the one that faces the hangars, and I remember fighting the bar all the way down, while wondering if the goats were going to get off the runway when I landed. As it happened they did, and as I got down to ground effect the turbulence magically disappeared, so I was able to do a smooth landing, but it was a bit daunting during the approach phase. Never have I been so happy to be on the ground rather than in the air!

Dave Morton

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When we arrived at East Fortune last year we received an enormous welcome and the use of the airfield for camping, we headed into North Berwick for liquid refreshments which was great and we were rewarded upon take off the next day with the view of the air museum which is within walking distance from East Fortune and a must place to visit.