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Bagging a Quik R wing

Dave Morton

Student Pilot
A friend has sold his Quik R and has asked me to help when the buyer comes down to bag the wing (he's never done this) so the guy can trailer back to East Fortune.
I've never folded the R wing but would assume once detensioned and struts/winglets removed it would fold like any other wing as there is no corset system.
Would this seem correct, cheers


Cross Country Pilot
Hi Dave. It's definitely a small world. I'll be the buyer in question :D
Thankfully, the wonderful people at East Fortune are sorting out a QuikR de-rigging lesson tomorrow.... so we should be all sorted by the time I'm able to get down there.

Mike Calvert

Staff member
Interesting vid below from the guys that Giles of Golf Foxtrot 22 fame recently trained with. Like the measured approach taken, set aside 40 mins, grab a drink and enjoy :)

I might be wrong n this but strutted, topless wings can't be folded flat on the ground like a wing with a kingpost can.

I think they have to be derigged on the keel and then the leading edges folded back.

If I'm wrong the destructions will show this, but it wouldn't be a good idea to derig and pack a strutted wing without the POH.

Flex pilots did this with rigid wings at their cost, literally...