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ASIs and static tubes

The onus is on you to conform to the common rules of decency, not on me to condone your liberal use of the language in writing. Just as I doubt if you'd walk around with your genitals showing in public, even if at home you are a confirmed naturist. There's a time and a place for everything, and personally I'd rather not read vulgar terms when they're not needed in a public place.
Did you read what I wrote? I said I'd not use the term again in order to please you. It was a waste of time it appears... as it triggered a lecture from someone who appears to believe they are in a position of authority...

It's no loss of freedom of speech on my part to not use it in yours or her presence, so I'd simply not use the expression on the forum. Common sense?
I said I will not use the expression in your presence or hers. And your problem with this is what? Is there some part of this you don't get? :ROFLMAO:

The onus is on you not to get on your high horse and dictate to others what they can and cannot say. Then you conflate my commitment to not use the expression again with wandering around with genitals on display... Ground control to Major Tom?

This is not a forum for children, and you are not the thought police...


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OK guys and gals, let's get back to the original subject or this thread gets deleted, which would be a shame.
Let's all be grown-ups shall we.


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I seem to have upset Randombloke by not realising that he was saying he won't use vernacular language on here again. For that I apologise to Randombloke for any hurt caused.

Now back to the thread subject of ASIs and static tubes.

Roger Mole

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My 'ex-pat Xair' that I flew over from the UK has the bizarre pitot/static arrangement hanging off its left wing with the benefit that most UK Xairs enjoy of having the whole arrangement frequently knocked off and broken by anyone walking under or near the wing. This was a feat even achieved by the inspector who did its first inspection many years ago when the previous owner brought it down from the north-west to Linton and I was also greatly gratified when I arrived back at Clipgate where it was stored over last winter and found that some kind soul had done it again while it was in the hangar there. Luckily I was able to lay my hands on an old length of tractor brake pipe that I bent straight to use as a pitot, an arrangement that would have sent the BMAA apoplectic but which worked fine :p
My old French Xair, on the other hand, had one of the those little venturi type pitots strapped under the left wing strut with just a short length of plastic tube (about 1 metre max) running into the cabin and under the panel to the ASI and an open static on the back of the instrument. Maybe it was something to do with the air being different over here in France, but somewhat surprisingly, the French arrangement worked fine and was perfectly accurate.
Just saying.


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.....Maybe it was something to do with the air being different over here in France, but somewhat surprisingly, the French arrangement worked fine and was perfectly accurate.
Just saying.
I have to say that in France the only ULMs I have seen with a dedicated static port were the composite high speed tourer types such as the CTSW, MCR, Aztec, FK14 etc.
I thought about this and the one reason I could see for the more complicated arrangements on slower, simpler fuse tube designs (excludes C42) was the significantly different configurations they could be flown in, with/without doors, and open backed, etc...

We know from real life that the low screen on the Quantum, through to the Andy Buchan approved one have no significant difference on the ASI. Head into the factory even taller screen on Quantum Leap inherited from the Hyper, and there are issues to solve. That's not a huge change in config, and it has some significant effects. Effects can be felt at higher speeds in the Hyper, as your flying suit sucks forward... you wouldn't want to be using that for static.

Be interesting if anyone can be arsed to do some Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling with wire frames of the various configs to see what the pressures are. PG mob are using it a lot now with the softness of the wing modelled in...