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Mike Calvert

Staff member
Might need to be careful that the structure matches the original forum to minimize issues importing it?

Besides that, hell yes for a Student Pilot area because that exactly where I am just now and being a curious sod always love to ask questions :ROFLMAO:

Mike Calvert

Staff member
Thanks Vince :)

Reece was very slow/reluctant - actually, not fair to ascribe a motivation - so let's stick with slow - to respond on FB - although being fair he doesn't know me from the proverbial Adam :ROFLMAO:
I see on the airfield cards site that is seems to be for you to enter your own flyins and events. The ones that I put up here are not ones that I have anything to do with other than those that I come across when seeking out things that may interest me. Others I find that may be of interest to other microlight pilots I put up for their information.
I find the airfield cards a great source of information, but I tend to go there for details of somewhere that I am already considering visiting.


Staff member
I know what you mean, but learning the code to make it happen on there was a lot better than trying to learn it on this platform. There are lots of add ins for this forum software, but I am not prepared to throw money at it that I don’t have
If it involves extra cost and hassle then it is not worth it. I don't know if I can edit titles if so I put the date in the title to make an easier referance for folks to use and locate at a later date. Any new ones that I come across I will do that from the start.
Thanks for looking into it Vince.